remember nbsc (nbsc) wrote in bsc,
remember nbsc

The New Baby-sitters Club!

Would you have ever guessed that Jackie Rodowsky would cheat on Marilyn Arnold with an older woman? That Matt Braddock would be able to hear sounds? That shy Charlotte Johannsen would date Stoneybrook's celebrity Derek Masters? That characters such as Emily Austen, Dana and Adam Cheplin, Moira and Bryant Phillips, and Kellie Garcia could actually have some depth to their once-mentioned characters?

It's the *NEW* Baby-sitters Club!

It's five years down the road and the original sitters are in their first year of college. They've handed the club over to some of their former sitting charges who are now old enough to be sitters themselves. What's happening in Stoneybrook? Join and find out!

For info and how to apply, check out our website
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