Stephanie (belleceramique) wrote in bsc,


Hi everyone :) I was practically weaned from the womb on the Babysitters' Club series... until I moved away to college, I had most of the BSC books, plus a couple of the mystery ones too. Oh yeah, and three of the Super Specials. My favorite one was when they went on the cruise ship (#5, I think), and Dawn fell in love with a boy, and awww :) I related the most to Mary Anne, 'cause she was shy (like I used to be), but these days I'm way more like Claudia since I'm an artist and my wardrobe's getting funkier by the second :P But I loved all of the characters! :) Anyway, yes, so I just wanted to say hello to all y'all, and I'm looking forward to posting here in the future :)
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